Junior World Cup 2013

Junior World Cup 2013
Photo with co-umpires last year at the Junior World Cup in Germany

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

All done!


I am on my way home. I am sitting in the airport in Rio de Janeiro waiting for my first 14 hour flight to Dubai. I have a 3.5 hour stop over there and then another 14 hour flight before arriving in Sydney late on Friday night. I can't wait to see you all back at school on Monday :)

I have been sooooooooo busy since I last wrote ... I have so much to share that I don't know where to start.

I might share my exciting experiences through the photos I took ...

We have mostly had great weather but there were quite a few rainy days when the hockey was on - there wasn't much shelter at the fields so our rain jackets got a good workout! This is Amber and I watching Sarah umpiring.

We went for a yummy Brazilian BBQ one night!

I umpired my last game with Amy Baxter from USA. She is a great laugh! We umpired Great Britain (who ended up winning the gold medal) vs. China.

These Chinese player was tripped over, rolled and then kicked me in the back (by accident of course!)

We went to the Athletics on Sarah's birthday and saw Usain Bolt run!!!!

Sarah, Amber and I at the Athletics.

On August 18th, Sarah, Amber, Kelly and I had the upgrade passes and we got to go and see as many sports as we could. It was my favourite day by far!!!!! We saw the Diving, Water Polo, Handball, Basketball, Taekwondo and Beach Volleyball.

At the Water Polo!

With the upgrade passes, we got to go into all the fancy lounges, eat lots of ice cream and meet very important people.

Watching the Handball semi final between Holand and France.

Kelly and I at the Basketball semi final between USA and France.

Beach Volleyball!!!

It rained and rained and rained while we were at the Beach Volleyball - we got very wet haha - lucky they gave us ponchos!

The AMAZING crowd at the Beach Volleyball. Brazil won the gold medal so you can imagine how great the atmosphere was!

Fireworks at the Closing Ceremony.

Sarah and I at the Closing Ceremony!

I have spent the last few days with my beautiful family for my birthday. I loved every minute.

Time to head home now though xxxx

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Game 3 tonight!! (You can watch it on the 7App at 9:30am on Friday morning)

Hello OLHC!!

Happy Friday :) I bet you are all looking forward to the weekend.

I umpired my 2nd game yesterday at 12:30pm. My Mum and Dad, 2 sisters and cousins were in the stands watching me - it was very special!! I have some photos to share with you below.

My next game is tonight. I am umpiring Japan vs. Great Britain at 8:30pm. It will be 9:30am on Friday morning for you in Sydney. I am umpiring with Elena from Russia. I also umpired with her in London so I am very much looking forward to it.

On Tuesday (our rest day), we went to Sugar Loaf Mountain. We went up on cable cars to the top of a mountain so we could see lots of Rio de Janeiro. We also tried to go to Christ Redeemer but there were too many clouds so it was closed. We will try again another day.

Tomorrow I don't have any games so we are going to Copacabana Beach to hopefully see the Beach Volleyball and go to the megastore.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love from Miss Seymour

In this picture, you can see the top of the two mountains where the cable cars took us

I took this photo from inside the cable car looking back from where we just left

This is a picture of Christ the Redeemer from Sugar Loaf Mountain - amazing hey!

Passing the other cable car on the way up to the second mountain

View from the top - you can see Christ the Redeemer up the top of the mountain in the distance

We could see the Olympic Sailing Event from up on the mountain

Sarah, Amber and I at the top of the mountain

Photo taken at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain looking down at Copacabana Beach - if you look carefully, you can see the Volleyball stadium!!

Took a photo of this beautiful Church with the sun setting behind it on the bus on the way home

This is Michelle Joubert from South Africa and myself before my second game yesterday

Lining up for the anthems before the game

Some of my cheer squad!!

Me on the big screen!!

Hayley and Mum with me in the background

Mum took this photo of me after the game :)

Monday, 8 August 2016

Miss Seymour umpires her first Olympic Hockey Game!

Good morning OLHC,

Yesterday I umpired my first hockey game at the Olympics. It was Japan vs. India. It was an exciting game and ended up in a draw. The score was 2-2.

I was very nervous but I enjoyed it.

It was very special to have my sister and her boyfriend Will in the crowd cheering me on!!

I have lots of photos to share with you below.

Tonight (Monday) I am 'reserving' at 8:30pm (9:30am your time on Tuesday morning). This means that I have to get dressed ready and sit on the sideline in case one of the umpires on the game gets injured.

Tomorrow is a rest day (only the men play) and we are hoping to go into Cococabana Beach to have a look around. If we do, I will take some photos to share with you.

My next game is on Wednesday at 12:30pm. I am umpiring Germany vs. Korea. This will be at 1:30am on Thursday morning in Sydney - a bit early for you to be up watching!! If any of your Mums and Dads have the Channel 7 Olympic app on their computers or iPads, you can go back and watch the replay of my games.

I hope everything is going well in Rosemeadow. I heard you all had fun on the Walkathon!

A special hello to my Kinder friends :)

From Miss Seymour

These two pictures were taken before my first game ... I umpired with Kelly from New Zealand who is on the left and Soledad from Argentina was our 'reserve'.

This is Kelly and I walking out onto the pitch ...

My sister took this picture during the game. The teams are setting up for a 'Penalty Corner'.

Another 2 shots from my game ... 

I went over to say hello to my sister after the game and she took these two photos ...

 I was also lucky enough to go and see some other sports yesterday. I went to the Rugby 7s quarter final match between NZ and the USA.

And then I saw the Australian Women's Basketball team beat Turkey ... Amazing!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Miss Seymour at the Olympics

Hello OLHC!!

I am here in Rio and having so much fun :)

I arrived last Tuesday night and then I had meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday night we went and got our uniforms (the whole process took 7 hours!!!!). We had a practice run through on Friday morning and the Opening Ceremony was on Friday night. It was the most amazing experience.

The hockey started today! It was a wonderful atmosphere out at the fields.

I umpire my first game tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am (it will be about midnight Sunday for you at home) - Japan vs. India. I can't wait!!

Here are some photos I have taken so far ...

The women's umpiring team on our way to our first meeting on Wednesday morning

Our little monkey friends that are everywhere at both the accommodation and the hockey!

Lining up for our uniforms!

Some of the presents I have received so far - check out what is written on the M&Ms! 

All of the gear we have to wear during the Olympics.

My two "besties" in front of the Olympic Rings at the pitch - Amber from New Zealand and Sarah from Scotland - Year 3, you wrote them both letters last year when you were in Year 2.

With my besties out on the beautiful Olympic pitch

A photo of the corner flag and the pitch behind it - doesn't it look just magnificent!

All dressed up for the Opening Ceremony - this is Adam - one of Australia's 3 mens umpires from Brisbane

These are my roomies (ladies I am living with for the next 3 weeks) - Sarah from Scotland and Fanneke from The Netherlands

Amber, Sarah and I ready for the Opening Ceremony 

My friend Lim from Singapore!

In the stadium right before the Olympic Ceremony began ...

Enjoying the Opening Ceremony :)

I hope you are all behaving yourselves back at school!

Love from Miss Seymour xx